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FOX News
Mar 8, 2013 8:00am PST
'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. osama bin laden's son-in-law pleading not guilty to conspiracy to kill americans, this a short time ago in a federal court in lower manhatten blocks from the warl world trade center site. suleiman abu ghaith is not just in osama bin laden's family, he's also al-qaida's spokesman and apparently the top prop grandist. he's appeared in videos and praising the 9/11 attacks and warning of new attacks in the future. we are getting new information on how and when his capture went down. david lee miller is live outside the u.s. district court in new york city. what did we learn about his arrest? >> reporter: we learned more about the timeline. we learned that suleiman abu ghaith has now been in the united states for exactly one week. prosecutors told the judge that he arrived in the united states march 1st at 12:30pm and they also revealed that he was arrested overseas shortly before midnight february 28th. when they give those times, they are speaking about east coast times. further details were not given, no further elaboration about the case against h
FOX News
Mar 4, 2013 8:00am PST
in the nation. chicago would like to see stricter gun laws when it comes to illegal possession but with the state government deeply in debt, prisons bursting at the seems and a lack of support outside the windy city, paying to the new regulation may not be possible. mike tobin is live in chicago with more on this story. >> reporter: jenna, the latest push from chicago leaders is interesting because it deals strictly illegal weapons. what chicago leaders want is minimum mandatory sentence for illegal possession. those are the guns used on chicago's mean streets where violence is a part of almost every night. city leaders want 3 1/2 years for possession of an illegal gun. also truth in sentencing laws which would guaranty a convict won't get back on the street after doing just a fraction of his time. >> when you commit a serious gun offense you should serve the time. the victims deserve it, the public demands it, and the criminal justice system should deliver it. >> reporter: here is where it gets difficult. convicts stay in state prisons which are overcrowded. they're so overcro
FOX News
Mar 7, 2013 8:00am PST
try to expand background checks beyond what the law currently requires. we have individual kwroeft hearing that ivideo of the hearing going on in the senate judiciary committee. buyers have to pass a background check if they by a gun from the 50,000 federally licensed dealersers. if you buy from a gun show, personally or online you don't have to pass a background check. that's what this law could change. some republicans say the law would not be effective. >> they fail to recognize that criminals won't be any more likely to submit to expanded background checks than they are currently. they will go around supposedly universal checks to steal guns or buy them in the black market. >> reporter: some republicans also are concerned that expanding background checks would lead to a national registry of gun owners, which they oppose. jon. jon: so do any of these bills have a chance of getting through the full senate? >> reporter: well, all of the bills may possible the democratically-controlled senate judiciary committee today, but the full senate is another matter. accepts and democrats se
FOX News
Mar 5, 2013 8:00am PST
through september unless it's enshrined into law for the next ten years and they don't do anything to reverse it. i imagine we're going to see some attempts, however, you see republicans already proposing ways to add flexibility to the pentagon so that they can push in the blow of the sequester. so in the end if they can come to bi-partisan agreements parts of the sequester that are going to be the most reckless will go away. jon: republicans have come up with a pretty aggressive plan for a budget that actually balance stph-s. balances? >> yes, part of the agreement between republicans themselves to restkwepbs this series of budget crisis and put the debt ceiling increase off until some time in summer is an agreement that they would try to come out with an annual budget that balances the books much faster than last time. they were look at 2040, this time it will be 2023. that's ten years off. the details are not made hub yet, but what is under consideration is making some republicans nervous, because we are in such a period of slow growth, we are trying to absorb the sequester, we
FOX News
Mar 6, 2013 8:00am PST
that is now law it lowers the amount to continue funding the government, the continuing resolution from the end of march until the end of september. now republicans in the house are also seeking to do some finessing, if you will to try and help the pentagon with funding that has been ham pwerd bhampered by sequester. here is speaker of the house john boehner ahead of the debate. >> the house our goal is to cut spending, not to shut down the government. that's why we are going to cr this week and we would hope that the senate would take this bill up and move it quickly. the president on friday agreed that there is no reason to get into some debate about shutting down the government. it's just not a smart thing to do. >> reporter: they are having debate at this hour on the house floor. we expect if all things go as scheduled to have a vote in the next two to two and a half hours or so, and then it will be onto the senate, jenna. jenna: what about the senate? any drama -- i guess that is a loaded question. any drama expected on the senate side regarding the cr, the continuing resolution.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5